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Thread: Pledge Music - Interesting idea

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    Pledge Music - Interesting idea

    Hi there came across this site and wondered if anyone had experience of them. All looks very positive and i love the idea of fans funding their favourite bands music. This is what the Telegraph had to say.

    The Telegraph - The idea is simple. Rather than being funded from the top down by a record company, theatre, film studio or book publisher, a product is 'crowd-funded’ by fans. Instead of paying for the album, play, film or book in its completed form, they instead pledge money for its creation up front. In return for their investment (and depending on the size of their pledge), fans receive a copy of the completed product and other exclusive goodies, such as – in this case – an invitation to the launch party.

    Check out the site, i am looking at some possible catalogue projects which could be fan funded, box sets, photo books etc... love to get the forums feedback.

    But for new unsigned artists must be a way to get that album made, finally.


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    Crowd funding has been going on for quite a while now. I actually used the platform IndieGoGo to gain funding for my album. Kickstarter is the most popular and probably the most lucrative though it only allows US citizens to use it at the moment.

    It's because of sites the likes of this that I truly believe there is no better time in history to be an artist of any sort that right now!
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