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Thread: UK's best value online mastering service.

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    UK's best value online mastering service.

    SafeandSound online mastering offers the lowest priced, truly professional mastering in the UK.

    Example rates :

    Album (up to 15 tracks) 210.00

    1 Track 28.00 (digital delivery)

    4 Track EP 85.00 (digital delivery)

    Plextools Pro error check, Taiyo Yuden master disks 20.90 (inclusive of RM Special Delivery), fully manual QC, listen back inclusive.

    Operated by Barry Gardner, highly experienced mastering engineer.


    PMC IB1S monitors (full range, high res)
    Summit Audio DCL-200 Valve compressor
    Stereo custom analogue mastering EQ
    TC Electronics 2240HS analogue equalizer

    The best software money can buy, SADiE. Nuendo and full digital plug in suite.(ear selected)

    No obligation, free mastering preview, time permitting.

    Record labels, bands, producers and independent artists you cannot afford not to visit the website.

    Visit the site at :

    cd mastering | online mastering | audio mastering |

    online mastering
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    Interestingly a lot of Bhangra music going through the studio right now, big up the UK Bhangra producers.

    online mastering

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    We now have a brand spanking new MANLEY Massive Passive in the studio, onwards and upwards people !

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