I have just made my own website for my band and a couple of others too.
I tried about 10 site makers out and have figured out the best way to make a clean and fresh looking site that doesn't take ages to load because some site makers use flash which never works well for a free site maker.
I would like to share with people what I spent the last week researching. This is mainly because I have seen companies selling this service for over 10 a month and I think it's nonsense in my opinion.
I can email you my links, advice and eventually I will build a website explaining the way I think is best.
Also If you live in Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire I can come and teach you how to do this and help you set up your free website and do other internet based tasks like setting up a soundcloud and other profiles. I will charge a discount fee as I normally teach drums so I'm new to teaching about internet so I will be learning as I go too.

I can't share my website yet as I am new one this forum but if you message me I'm sure I can send you some links.
All the best
Martin (drummer in 3 screaming popes)
BA hons Music, Plymouth