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Thread: New concert/mini festival format....Breaking The Stereotype

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    New concert/mini festival format....Breaking The Stereotype

    Hi guys,

    So, there has been a conversation going around about the whole "I feel the odd one out at gigs thing" "don't feel like I fit in"..."everyones looking at me coz I look different".

    In response to that I am asking...could there be such an event where EVERYONE feels at home? whether Green, Blue, Skinny, Big boned, Curly, Straight, Meat eater, Vegan....

    Last I checked music was universal, so shouldn't the music event experience be the same?? I'd like to know. So can I pick your brains? Please visit where you'll find the BreakingTheStereotype survey.:rolleyes


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    Yes! That's me! I love all kinds of music, but all kinds of music doesn't always love me.

    I like metal as much as the next chick. I'm also black and don't dress "metal". So, I always feel out of place at gigs and stuff. It's probably all in my head. No one acts like they don't want me to be there coz I'm not "metal" enough, but I dunno. You never know what people are thinking. Not that it should matter...

    Meh, I'm rambling now. YES I'll do the survey. Sounds awesome!


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